September 21, 2018

Today, the World Is in Dire Need of Peace: Boroujerdi's Message in International Day of Peace

Today, everywhere, especially in Islamic countries, such as Iran, people have hated against religions. As a founder of Monotheism without Borders, I am also in agreement with these people, and I understand them. Indeed, a professional and scientific performance is required to modifying and removing the effects of the abuse of the religion. However, it is not efficient to follow shallow thinking, attacking and criticizing of religion and confront religious notes that emerged from the violence of religions.

July 24, 2018

The Last Report on Mr. Boroujerdi’s Situation after 19 Months House Arrest

Nineteen months after temporary release of Mr. Boroujerdi, the founder of “Monotheism without Borders”, from prison which has actually turned to his house arrest, it is necessary to review his situation personally and socially.  
As an individual, he is still continuously suffering from illnesses caused by tortures and also from persecutions by the regime’s authorities since he is a political prisoner of conscience. As a result of eleven years being tortured in the jail and being deprived of medical treatment and medicines, his physical situation is severely deteriorated to the extent that after nineteen months, his diseases have remained not only untreated, but also are expanded. 

June 06, 2018

The Necessity and Methods of Abolishing Discrimination and Religious Violence

By: Hossein Boroujerdi, et al
AbstractDuring the recent decades, the result of religious prophets has lost its attraction, and theology has become disfigured, so it has been made ugly. Undoubtedly, some of existing non-peaceful and harsh rules and measures within the religious books and contexts have been considered as the reasons and excuses for defamation of religions. Based on library sources and also extensive research in Quran and Islamic narratives, this study has aimed to find some alternative solutions and options to abolish and disregard those religious rules which are in contrary of human right charters and standards. The results have demonstrated that some of inhuman religious punishments such as execution, stoning, whipping as well as religious discriminations and warlike behaviors are in contrary of some other religious contexts and concepts. This finding has proved inadaptability between some religious contexts and religious records.

Human Rights in Monotheism without Border

By: Hossein Boroujerdi, et al.
     Abstract—Freedom, democracy, peace and security are among absolute rights to be provided, else the life will be disturbed. These rights are trampled upon by religious governments. Basically many of the teachings and laws, especially in Islam, somehow have violated human rights and allowed religious rulers and religious fanatics to trample upon, under religious excuses, freedom and individual and social rights both in material and spiritual aspects. Based on a library sources, this study is aimed to answer to this question whether there would be some concepts within the Quran and Islamic narratives to be adopted with and to support international human rights measures and articles. The results have demonstrated that after a free research in religious contexts without a fanaticism and sectarian background and viewpoint, some concepts could be extracted in accordance to human rights measures. These concepts could be publicized and promoted to assist in removing challenges and contradictions between religion and modernity.

May 15, 2018

Irwin Cotler Named Mr.Boroujerdi as Iran's Mandela in Canada Parliament

On the occasion of 6thanniversary of Iran Accountability week, a panel of experts was held about inner repression and clear violation of human rights in Iran in canada.
The Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights in partnership with Bahá'í Community of Canada, the Raoul Wallenberg All-Party Parliamentary Caucus For Human Rights and the parliament  Subcommittee on International Human Rightshave held a public on human right situation in Iran. The panel was held on the occasion of Iran Accountability week focusing on the inner repression and human right abuses in Iran. Pro fessor Irwin Cotler, RWCHR founder, and some formost experts attended the meeting.

May 02, 2018

The International Worker’s Day, Seen by Boroujerdi, the Founder of Monotheism Without Borders

Greetings to dear workers throughout the world, I respect to all those who are in worker’s clothes;Worker (laborer) is a universal and an encompassing title; anyone who is busy working, bears the title of a worker; from the Lord our creator all the way down, they all bear the title of worker. Active, is one of God’s terms, which denotes someone who is constantly working and working hard. God’s work is that of managing creation.

March 21, 2018

Wish you a more than ever Happy Nowruz!

Salutations to all those who are leaving autumn behind them, greetings to the lovers of spring,
I pay my due respect to the community of the deprived who sees their concerns and anxieties renewed with the arrival of a New Year; I pay my respect to the community of Iranians who struggle; I bow before the pained and aggrieved for whom the arrival of Nowruz bears no beauty or freshness; I praise all the weakened who did not see the results of their endeavors during the past year, and are entering the new year of (1397) in total despair and frustration.

March 19, 2018

Nowruz, the Renewal of Heartaches for Iranians

Boroujerdi, the founder of monotheism without borders, congratulates the celebration of traditional Nowruz to all Iranians in our deprived and oppressed homeland, and our dear compatriots throughout the world, as well as all those who celebrate this day in the neighbouring countries and in the entire world.

March 07, 2018

Message of Mr. Boroujerdi, the Founder of Monotheism without Borders on International Women’s Day

Greetings to all women and all dear ladies in the world and in each country with every belief, taste, temper and race.
Woman’s position is very high. Woman has given the right of existence to man despite the fact that religious teaching says that Eve was created separately from Adam. Due to unreliability of stories in divine books, we are not certain how true this statement is, and, even if true, the opposite has happened.

March 06, 2018

Communication of UN Special Rapporteurs Concerning Mr. Boroujerdi’s Health and Violation of his Human Rights

Mrs. Asam Jahangir, Dr. Ahmad Shaheed and some other UN human rights experts and rapporteurs have communicated with the Iranian regime concerning critical situation of Mr. Boroujerdi, the founder of monotheism without borders. The rapporteurs have questioned the regime’s authorities regarding the details of injustice misbehaviours against Mr. Boroujerdi who is a popular spiritual teacher in Iran and violations of his human and civil rights and they have demanded for explanation highlighting the international standards and rules. Based on the internal UN laws, this letter have been declassified after several months of the date of communication and recently has been published.

February 20, 2018

Message of Mr. Boroujerdi, the Founder of Monotheism without Borders on World Day of Social Justice

World Day of Social Justice is a great day highlighted in mankind life. Basically, Justice is essential for human beings same as breath. As the human society is composed of individuals joining and living together, so a society without justice is intolerable; because justice is like oxygen for human to live.
Actually, justice has different interpretations and each individual, group, guild, religion, tradition, institution, organization, ruler and government has defined justice according to its own culture and interest, so sometimes it has become meaningless and unbearable.

February 09, 2018

Spokesmen and Representatives of Mr. Boroujerdi are Requesting to Stop Suppression of Free Thoughts

Currently the Inquisition is continuing in our country concerning all aspects of beliefs, social affairs and credits of the Iranian citizens. As a result, the nation has become so pessimistic to political religion and they have considered all unfair restrictions as religious rules.

January 17, 2018

Message of Boroujerdi , the Founder of Monotheism Without Borders on World Religion Day

World Religion Day is reminiscent of many things, and the name, memories, rituals, or Shariah of religious beliefs itself is either uplifting or dreadful. Religions came for personal health; it comes for the elevation of the soul which in turn relieves and soothes the body.  Religion is used to expand justice in society. Religion seeks to establish consolidation of conscience, equality, and morality in the community to give people hope. When religion finds a bad place, either the subject or the object of violent behavior, filled with tyranny, makes a lot of shameful impacts, and it replaces rough empires.

January 11, 2018

Open letter from Hossein Boroujerdi’ Representatives Addressed to Vladimir Putin, in View of Supporting the Noble People of Iran

Dear President Putin
With greetings and all due respect
It is unfortunate that in our innocent country, people have always been involved in problems and dilemmas created by dictators. When we glance at the history of Iran, our country appears to have always been exploited either directly or indirectly by the Eastern or Western blocs, and at times concomitantly by both of them, namely during the Second World War when our country was attacked from the north by Russians, while the British and the Americans attacked our country from the south.