Hair Removal Device For Low-Energy IPL

If you’ve scrolled through TikTok lately, there’s a good chance you’ve seen some
enthusiastic reviews of at-home hair removal devices hair care products. While it’s true that there’s a
strong chance these handheld gadgets will help zap away unwanted hair, and even
permanently reduce it, the reality is that this type of treatment is best done in a
clinical setting. This article, however, will focus on a device called the Silk’N
(Sknovations, Kfar Saba, Israel), which was used in a recently published, institutional
review board-approved clinical trial that proved its safety and efficacy as an at-home
hair removal device for low-energy intense pulsed light.

10 Best At Home Laser Hair Removal Devices (Tests & Reviews 2023)
The study involved 22 female patients who were treated six times biweekly with the
device for a total of 12 treatments. Prior to each session, the area to be treated was
cleansed, and the skin was shaved. The light window of the device was cleaned and
then positioned on the skin with slight pressure. The device was then switched on
and the energy level was set. The light pulses were emitted from the light window
into the skin, and the resulting heat was then measured by photometry. The results
showed that the device achieved a high level of hair count reduction with no adverse
side effects.
While the device did have some flaws, such as the need for a rechargeable battery
and the need to replace its light cartridge, there were many positive aspects to this
study. The most important aspect of the results, though, was the fact that the hair
counts remained low at three months following the last treatment. The researchers
found that this result was comparable to the hair counts from a professional laser

10 Best At-Home IPL Hair Removal Devices: Safe & Effective
Rachel Ward, MD, a dermatologist in Cleveland Clinic-affiliated practice, says there
are two types of at-home hair removal devices: true lasers and intense pulsed light
(IPL). While most at-home devices rely on IPL, this one uses an IPL device that
combines not only IPL but radio frequency (RF). Basically, the quick flash of the IPL
heats up the pigment in the hair follicle, which makes it harder for the follicle to
grow back, while the RF adds another layer of protection against unwanted growth.
Dr. Ward says that IPL is a great choice for at-home hair removal, especially because
it’s safer than true lasers. She points out that there is a risk of scarring and
hyperpigmentation when it comes to lasers, so it’s essential to only use them as
When choosing an at-home IPL device, she recommends looking for a device that
has been clinically tested and has a protective filter to prevent eye damage. In
addition, she suggests considering a device with a built-in cooling system to keep
the skin from burning.
It’s also worth noting that although these at-home IPL devices aren’t permanent,
they can significantly reduce the amount of hair growth and make it much less
noticeable. The cost of most of the devices on this list, though, will be similar to that
of a single professional laser session, and most include unlimited flashes to continue
your home treatment as long as you’re using it correctly.